HSTS for Webflow

HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) is a security feature that forces web browsers to only access a website over HTTPS (HTTP Secure) connection, even if the user types "http://" in the URL. This helps to ensure that all communication between the browser and the website is encrypted and secure, protecting against potential attacks such as man-in-the-middle attacks.

From an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective, implementing HSTS on a Webflow site can have several effects, both positive and negative:

  1. Improved Security: Implementing HSTS enhances the security of your website by ensuring that all communication is encrypted. This can help protect user data and build trust, which can indirectly improve SEO as search engines tend to favor secure websites.
  2. Higher Search Engine Rankings: Google has stated that HTTPS is a ranking factor, and using HSTS to enforce HTTPS can help improve your website's search engine rankings. This is because search engines may prioritize secure websites over non-secure websites in their search results.
  3. Reduced Risk of Duplicate Content: Without HSTS, both the HTTP and HTTPS versions of your website can coexist, leading to potential issues with duplicate content. However, with HSTS in place, all traffic is redirected to HTTPS, reducing the risk of duplicate content and ensuring that search engines index the correct version of your website.
  4. Potential Temporary Ranking Drop: When you first implement HSTS, there may be a temporary drop in rankings as search engines need to re-crawl and re-index your website. This is because the URLs of your website will change from HTTP to HTTPS, and search engines may take some time to process these changes. However, this is usually temporary, and rankings should recover once the re-crawling and re-indexing process is complete.
  5. Possible Impact on Backlinks: If you have backlinks pointing to the HTTP version of your website, implementing HSTS may initially result in those backlinks not passing the same authority to the HTTPS version of your website. However, over time, as search engines re-crawl and re-index your website, the authority of those backlinks should be passed to the HTTPS version, mitigating any potential negative impact.

Overall, implementing HSTS on a Webflow site can have positive effects on SEO by improving security, potentially boosting search engine rankings, and reducing the risk of duplicate content. However, it's important to carefully plan and implement the transition to HTTPS to minimize any potential temporary negative impacts on rankings and backlinks. It's also important to monitor the performance of your website after implementing HSTS and make necessary adjustments to ensure optimal SEO performance.

Even though Webflow provides HSTS as an option in the Enterprise Plan, much like Reverse Proxy for Webflow. It is very much possible to add that without the Enterprise plan of Webflow.

We have successfully delivered this multiple times. Are you looking to add HSTS to Webflow? Then reach out.

Check out https://www.e5.ai that is hosted on Webflow with HSTS enabled.

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