Webflow Maintenance - New Offering

Company Update

The article announces a new offering from Little Big Things that provides Webflow maintenance services. The new offering is for marketing teams designed to help them get more out of their Webflow platform with a team aligned with marketing.

What entails Webflow Maintenance?

Webflow maintenance is for marketing teams who do not want to rely on engineering teams not aligned with their marketing efforts. Our team works with your marketing team to ensure it delivers on its promise to work with the marketing team.

Maintenance includes bug fixes, security enhancement, ensuring compatibility between different browsers and devices, adding or updating features and functionality, monitoring performance and analytics, content updates, and more.

Maintenance Team Strucutre

  • Webflow Developer
  • Javascript Developer
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • I (Creative Director)

The job: Deliver on your expectations


Bring in your and our team together to align and meet the team. Dashboarding and communications are also set up to ensure communication and updates are easy for everyone.


  • Webflow Development
  • Javascript scripting
  • CSS
  • Third-party API integration
  • Content Updates
  • No code tools integration with Webflow

Got questions? Just reach out to hello@littlebigthings.dev.

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